Monday, May 14, 2012

My Self-Theory of Happiness

Guys and Girls,

Here is an article to share my views & opinion about the way how we contribute towards Charity. To mention what Charity in simple English is to Aid, Help Assistance, Contributions, Gifts, Donations, Offerings and Handout's.

First and foremost I know every person in this world would have helped merely at any time of his/her livelihood in terms of food, clothing, financial assistances, Recreation home’s, Education and a lot of ways.

Now let me ask you few questions, out of the entire above how many of you can recall the person to whom you let your hand? Can you know what his /her current state of Living is? Or is the person overwhelmed by your presence every time you meet him? Above all is your heart still pondering with Joy for the help and Assistances you reached out for the person? Let me say 1:50 people couldn’t even know what was the simple help you did in terms of Charity or Monitory help to the person in needy. Or is that really mattered to the person at that point of time.

Self-Theory of Happiness has two parts

Blot the indiscriminate Societies.
Sustain with the Self-Theory

Talking about the first part is not underestimating the current way the Charity and other independent privileged organizations work so let’s not provoke things or smarter way to misunderstand it! And certainly I only object the cash mode of charity we deal with.

Let's consider this feeling of happiness in helping other’s is a universal methodology of self-charming yourself, when you do charity you feel your inner happiness is bounded that you have done a good deed. This happens every time you do an offering. Now consider the counterpart receiving this gift, fund or whatever the source you help them, he would too feel the same happiness that he is going to benefit out of it in some way or the other. Here is the curious part how far this Joy/Happiness lasts within you ? How long is that needy person going to praise and remember you?

My self-theory is not and nowhere going to blame this direct help you offer to the needy. I am only justifying that there should not be any third party people/organizations that work’s in the name of fund raisers, charity and other cry for help at points of time, here is its, why?

When you offer a fund for education, poverty or for other reasons to someone only via Cash where the program has it’s concentration to develop a medieval village miles away from your place how confident are you that your hardened penny is going to reach rightly?

If the organization has been a clean pick how far you think that the organization is rightly picked the proper candidate for your hardened money as a sponsor?

If only the organization have sorted the right and best person to sponsor how far you think he is going to be benefitted?

If the right pick candidate is to be benefitted with the help of your mere handout you think he is right set to thank and praise you for the contributions you made?

Let me not again query up with unusual symptoms that may pretend like. The facts I wish to convey is please before you spend a lump sum or a mere amount for donations through these kind of organizations turn back look at your family first. You think everyone is in well off at least to being equally treated among your family members? Are their kids getting the right school? Let this be your first circle to visualize. Next when you think that your family is all set and rightly placed with the same standards as of your, you can think the maids, drivers, servants and other neighbors living around your society, community or locale this is your second circle to visualize.  

Because “the small help you do to your near ones will seed back to help you”. Now you can realize how far you can be one in the crowd among your own. My theory will work definitely if this myth/ fact is improvised into your living hood and can change a millions hope. Since you can see the person you opted grows in front your own eyes, you can feel happy everyday looking your family, friends and surrounding bloom with the Joy of happiness, now as most said “Giving is the Joy of Happiness” you can feel that “reaping that Joy given is also true Happiness”

Always Visualize the two circles, if you find both the circles are well enough you can grow/expand your own circle of Happiness.

So my part two is also covered in part one! That’s how you sustain with the Self-Theory.

So if we work hand in hand looking after our own, why should there be helpless and hopeless people in streets? Why should there be a Charity running next your street?

 Now the blaming part, I will definitely blame each individual for giving hope to these kinds of organizations working for the welfare of others. If my theory would really work it out from each and every family we can hand in hand eradicate poverty, jobless, provide needy the education, fund the needy and look the way they seed within your eyes.
Good luck to my own Self-Theory of Happiness!

Let’s Seed it. Spread it.


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