Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stepping to a far away world

At times when so deserted and sitting idle in office I used to have this habit of exploring the Google maps and other map sites, I have so much explored to the corners of the world that it grew my passion so diverge in way it intended me to start travel to these wonderful exotic places on earth. Sometimes I discover maps with roads, pics and sometime just lay them off and dig deep.  My passion on the maps kept me so curious to know a lot about the people, places, culture and lot more. Even at times I wonder how people make their lives at very isolated locations. Once while just revolving around the globe I found Russia so interesting to explore, I loved the pics shared over the maps, and go forth I even intended to view few websites where they have so beautifully showed the landscapes, people, culture and other living attitudes of the country. What kept me so curious is the way the country is spread across, world’s biggest continent, once the largest governments in the world and lots more, I liked the very pics starting from USSR to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rebirth of Siberia. I have mapped myself to each and every corners of the Russian map, it’s so beautiful everywhere. Rivers run across every corner of the states, abundant trees, forests and all the natural flora and fauna. Wow I was so much lost in just seeing the pics. Over the time I also planned I should visits this continent of never drying rivers once in my life time not just as a traveller but as an expedition expert. Every state is miles away but still I wonder how the USSR would have managed these far-far-away states in keeping and monitoring their progresses.  Certainly few places I love to step in are Kurgan, Kaluga, Georgia, Tundra, Leningrad, Tula, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Volgograd, and Yekaterinburg.
Apart from the places that amazed me the most is the military power that once the so called Soviet Union glorified with. Still their museums and historical figures remain in every part of the spitted continent.
I loved most the which helped me to really fall in love with the isolated territories of Russian continent .
People you too would find it interesting check it out hereà

few images for yourself

Love, Anoop Baalu.

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