Monday, May 14, 2012

My Self-Theory of Happiness

Guys and Girls,

Here is an article to share my views & opinion about the way how we contribute towards Charity. To mention what Charity in simple English is to Aid, Help Assistance, Contributions, Gifts, Donations, Offerings and Handout's.

First and foremost I know every person in this world would have helped merely at any time of his/her livelihood in terms of food, clothing, financial assistances, Recreation home’s, Education and a lot of ways.

Now let me ask you few questions, out of the entire above how many of you can recall the person to whom you let your hand? Can you know what his /her current state of Living is? Or is the person overwhelmed by your presence every time you meet him? Above all is your heart still pondering with Joy for the help and Assistances you reached out for the person? Let me say 1:50 people couldn’t even know what was the simple help you did in terms of Charity or Monitory help to the person in needy. Or is that really mattered to the person at that point of time.

Self-Theory of Happiness has two parts

Blot the indiscriminate Societies.
Sustain with the Self-Theory

Talking about the first part is not underestimating the current way the Charity and other independent privileged organizations work so let’s not provoke things or smarter way to misunderstand it! And certainly I only object the cash mode of charity we deal with.

Let's consider this feeling of happiness in helping other’s is a universal methodology of self-charming yourself, when you do charity you feel your inner happiness is bounded that you have done a good deed. This happens every time you do an offering. Now consider the counterpart receiving this gift, fund or whatever the source you help them, he would too feel the same happiness that he is going to benefit out of it in some way or the other. Here is the curious part how far this Joy/Happiness lasts within you ? How long is that needy person going to praise and remember you?

My self-theory is not and nowhere going to blame this direct help you offer to the needy. I am only justifying that there should not be any third party people/organizations that work’s in the name of fund raisers, charity and other cry for help at points of time, here is its, why?

When you offer a fund for education, poverty or for other reasons to someone only via Cash where the program has it’s concentration to develop a medieval village miles away from your place how confident are you that your hardened penny is going to reach rightly?

If the organization has been a clean pick how far you think that the organization is rightly picked the proper candidate for your hardened money as a sponsor?

If only the organization have sorted the right and best person to sponsor how far you think he is going to be benefitted?

If the right pick candidate is to be benefitted with the help of your mere handout you think he is right set to thank and praise you for the contributions you made?

Let me not again query up with unusual symptoms that may pretend like. The facts I wish to convey is please before you spend a lump sum or a mere amount for donations through these kind of organizations turn back look at your family first. You think everyone is in well off at least to being equally treated among your family members? Are their kids getting the right school? Let this be your first circle to visualize. Next when you think that your family is all set and rightly placed with the same standards as of your, you can think the maids, drivers, servants and other neighbors living around your society, community or locale this is your second circle to visualize.  

Because “the small help you do to your near ones will seed back to help you”. Now you can realize how far you can be one in the crowd among your own. My theory will work definitely if this myth/ fact is improvised into your living hood and can change a millions hope. Since you can see the person you opted grows in front your own eyes, you can feel happy everyday looking your family, friends and surrounding bloom with the Joy of happiness, now as most said “Giving is the Joy of Happiness” you can feel that “reaping that Joy given is also true Happiness”

Always Visualize the two circles, if you find both the circles are well enough you can grow/expand your own circle of Happiness.

So my part two is also covered in part one! That’s how you sustain with the Self-Theory.

So if we work hand in hand looking after our own, why should there be helpless and hopeless people in streets? Why should there be a Charity running next your street?

 Now the blaming part, I will definitely blame each individual for giving hope to these kinds of organizations working for the welfare of others. If my theory would really work it out from each and every family we can hand in hand eradicate poverty, jobless, provide needy the education, fund the needy and look the way they seed within your eyes.
Good luck to my own Self-Theory of Happiness!

Let’s Seed it. Spread it.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Art of Acceptance

As mentioned by the philosopher's life doesn't come as a package, it's we who have to fix arrange and settle the perfect pieces. There is nothing left unsettled in life for anyone, it's only their thought that keep them from ACCEPTING it. Keeping things simple, if a person accepts what he is, what he is capable of, what are his personal/professional or physical boundaries he will see the most HAPPIEST wonders of life, this is very most close to satisfaction, passable and self satisfaction. When you accept things as it comes you will never feel the REJECTION part which shades the negativity that once again keeps with the positive flow to acquire happiness.

Acceptance has it's various forms, accepting things from heart, mind , leisurely  and most above just for the sake. All put on a bag gives you the ability and confidence to move ahead rather than struck in the loop and dilemma. 

Not every one accepts things right at the first move since this is an Art, this can only be mastered by time and experience. When you are a pro in Acceptance you can never see failure in life. It help's you overcoming situations, hurdles, loop holes, tragic decision making situations.

Moving ahead with Acceptance should always keep your confidence higher and  it should never downfall your inner strength, I want to stress this Acceptance more clearly Make a note Acceptance is not forgiveness or Sacrifice it is the Virtual/Physical Medium of Mind setting yourself,

So this is my short reality of how I practice Acceptance in life, If you find it helpful you too can go ahead! 

Keeping the Day Amazing

Getting up. Letting yourself regain who you are. Making your way up for the day. Every human being on this earth has to go by this law/ Cycle. Now how this day gets amazing? Is it the Inner harmony, Surrounding's, People, materialization or Is there some thing hidden deep that have not explored within you?

I am not a philosophical mentor or a Psychological Guru, this post what I am scripting is only with the experiences I have dwelt with, apologize for my grammar.

Living with the feel of positive energy can regain your mental and physical health in a lot better of ways. As described energy has it's own law in the Universe i.e., Law of energy can be either transformed from one form to another but cannot be destroyed keeping this as my by law I inscribe this bog and hope it reached millions who are still pondering with thought's that keep's them from performing, drowning attitude and most above a failure character. Always keep in mind your thoughts too are a big realm of energy that keep's you moving. So first practice positive thoughts, Keep your thoughts +Ve positive enough to battle every negative spark you get in mind, try to alter every Negative thoughts in a positive manner, by this way you always keep your mind  blooming wonderful things, because one good thoughts provoke a good ambience from inside out. Make sure you put all your wishlist, watch-list, try-list in a positive feel of energy that you will own them, feel them or what ever that emotion/pleasure be. Be in track to watch all your bag of need's come to you in the positive way even if something turn the other way around try to look at it and address it in a more positive manner.So this is my first recipe of having an Amazing day.

My second Recipe is to lead and live life with the bag of need's utmost. Though it take days, month or years together to achieve your task in the bag, seed the proper ingredients right from the hour of your desire because life is not made as a package, its all of bit's and scrambles you got to pick the right, find the right and  fix the right finally you get your golden egg either basket full or the way you seeded it :-). I know I cannot extend my theory of myself in a much broader way but here it is simple and humble

My third ingredient would be God & Work. I am tagging  the omnipotent with hard work because work is God, I not a matter expert to discuss in-depth. For all the above there is something below beneath and besides. Keep your God with you thank and praise him for all his miracles and blessing.    

One.Think Positive
Two.Live with all the Positive that you seeded for your desire.
Three.God & Work

Now read the first Line that start's my blog keeping the above said that should make your day Amazing!

There are so many author's & novelist who has scripted book on living life the positive way, if you really find it interesting you can catch hold of them at your book stores near by.       

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Being an Analyst on different Domains !

Work had never been this same, since working at a small organization only help's you gain and retain a lot of spunk and exploration you needed, I seeded into IT industry as an ERP consultant working as a Technical member for the company that no more exists, this blog is the one I am updating from saving my skin's Company that exists in Ascendas IT park, one of loveliest  places to work around Chennai, this is just because we have a huge crowd coming in the IT park as Anonymous visitors to it's Food Court's with a valid Food Pass and the next big thing is it's closer to NIFT and IIT backyard.

Ever Since I took up this profile I always wonder to stick to smaller companies just because I learn a lot, explore on possibilities that keep me blotting in this IT field, mix up my work with the Administration, Management, HR and lots more on which I am sure I would have not get this comfortable working for the Big Names.

Still framing up my  profile  was a miserable task I was struck with, though my Designation was a System Analyst I carried the much oblige Business Tasks ahead not just because I had no interests in the Coding just because projects in my company were limited and I can only fit into the jigs and jaws of the puzzle in here.

Stranded from the ERP domain to BI to CRM to SharePoint consultant I had briefed up every bit's and corners of all these domains with my own interests. Keeping up and profiling with different technological domains is like a being nailed yourself  to hard wood where you need to hit hard and hard for the nail to firm hold it's position. Hope I am half way into this phenomena. Very generous to convey that I was a true opportunity exploiter rather than an opportunity grabber the latter is to wait for one. 

Not being too technical helps you only from being not called as a the Developer, where until 2000 the world was thinking Developer are the people who eat Briyani everyday(Local Phrase) but when IT grew it overtook this Idiom and showed there are so many bits to fit yourself into IT. All the beginners and the mid 3+ should realise that there is so much you can do to this enthralling world of IT by not just sitting and coding out there but to contribute in much a lot of ways. Thank myself for not being a Victim of my own narrations!.   

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Beginning. At. The End

This is my first blog, and the in scripts are very ingenious, I  still wonder why not I write a diary to inscribe myself but how would the world explore the Possibilities I Missed OUT!

Hope not miss a chance to Miss an Opportunity !