Sunday, January 6, 2013

General Blog January 06 2012

Love of my Life.......

That was just another normal working day, perfect weather, food and tasks. I have wondering how my mom is progressing with the new smart phone that my dad gifted her. Probably over the time I was quiet least bothered about her activities how she is using all of the features of the phone. Well that evening I was over the call with my Fiancée and we were just talking about all the fun we had how we grew up and also talking about the new phone which my mom is recently using. As time went by I was just giving a kidding talk that my mom often insists us to tech her some computer literature and help her to balance her English fluency well, where me along my bro would just ignore at times not concentrate much on that in the hour time. To my surprise she stopped me and very sympathetically asked “Anoop how can you do this to your mom?, are you not aware that she is the one who gave you the basic of everything in your life, from your kindergarten to school until you left home?” there I was totally mind struck, thrown away, totally guilty of myself. I know I dint stop ignoring my mom completely but this talk with my fiancée was a true eye opener for me. I realized and I said yes dear that’s very true. This isn’t me, this is not how I used to be either. Soon after the conversation ended I thought to share my guilty thought with my Bro and text him “Dude you remember our mom was the one who taught us A,B,C,D…. until we started reading paragraphs and helped us write comprehensives. but often times we ignored her to help her with her  basic computers and some English literary.” Oh to my pleasant surprise guess what my brother text me in return to the convero,”Dude what happen why so senti all of the sudden?”  I replied him “brother you realize it?” and there was another lovely reply from him for the conversation we had, ”Dude, I never ignored her man.” Following with “She is the love of my life.” Wow how generous. I truly realized that no love in this world can be so compassionate to a mothers love. Here’s what followed up the week after I turned over to my native I completely started helping my mom in every simple aspects and just realized I had never ignored doing this earlier but was only the weird thought literally I had in mind.  

with lots of Love,

Anoop Baalu