Saturday, October 20, 2012

Business Analyst - Profiling youself

Profiling the best fit solutions for different Business atmosphere would be one of the best aftermaths for a perfect Business Analyst. I have been stacking myself into this career close to half a decade, though my experience are an inexperience what the experienced mammoths call, but I have learned how a technology can play a significant role in Businesses and Enterprises.  Consulting is an important orientation that a Business Analyst can provide for the consumers particularly when an Enterprise looks for a far better solution preferred over the existing one. His/hers view should negotiate  from the baseline for outlining a solution to the security aspects, interoperability, Domain, User Administration, customizability and complete extent-ability, these aspects should fit for Web solution to Applications running over the Web or domain specific applications.

From the conceptualization to the prototyping, an UI and Web designs plays a crucial role in giving comfort to the clients, I would say a perfect, principal UI layout with all proper standards can be the first step in acceptance for a project to move ahead. A Business Analyst should forte from the client location mesmerizing and capturing properly all the business flows, disciplines, existing flaws, handshake methods, repetitive steps, authorities, user roles and most importantly the systems boundaries. Once all these gives a complete picture then the BA can start building the Business Plan along other required documentation for both the Client and Development cycles.

As discussed earlier the BA’s most strategic input as a consultant should be a parallel input throughout the complete Software development lifecycle’s of a project. These inputs should not restrict a BA only from the stakeholder but also from the multilevel users who actually use the system. Keep in mind this would suit for most of the Agile development projects where the actual requirement change over the time. BA’s should always have a lookout for the best solutions available in the market to ensure that what they deliver have the maximum throughput whenever compared.  

Coming to the development lifecycle a BA should have a timely lookout to ensure that the product developed is in phase with the requirement analyzed from the client end, over which he should also ensure periodic meetings to show the clients or customers the stages of development happening at the development center. Every meeting would definitely move with certain change requirement accordingly with the client, this the BA’s should ensure to properly document the Versions and change management are captured.
Ensuring a promised deliverable is what holds the fidelity of every Business Analyst. For this the BA’s would need to closely work with different designated co-workers comforting them and along with the client’s requirement are met. Working with deadlines and dates are yet other critical events, at this time BA’s as a Consultant should go hand-in-hand with Project Managers and Technical Leads who actually ensure to deliver the project in time. Executing Test cases are once again an imperative task for a BA, for this a BA has a variety of options to test the applications I am not talking much on this since Testing is once again a multitalented activity which builds the confidentiality for the complete system build.

So here’s to conclude, being just a BA on any project is a mere task but providing consulting in delivering the best solution and keeping up in par with the global needs is what a complete Business Analyst profession is all about.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inscribing Yourself - You & Your Identity

Since beginning of mankind to the nonexistence of species once ruled the earth Identity marks an important event, say it an realm of existence in this Universe.

There are so many controversial theories that existed and denoted that keeping up with your true identity is utmost the toughest character to discipline mankind. Yes and that's true. It's very hard to self demonstrate oneness, or harder to be self made. all people should be wise enough to differentiate between self-made and self-sustained.

Self-made and self-sustained are more over interrelated at most of times but keeping them bay is where both the proportions produce two different outcomes. Lets talk about self-made, every human being needs to learn from others and reproduce what have been thought to the universe, this outcome differs from person to person. Kids from same school study the same portions and come from a different background which in turn adds a different flavorsome to both these identity. Some understand easily, for some its difficult, some present good vocabulary some lack, similar to this there is difference in each magnitude of the response what comes out from the individual. Now self-made is the one who collects all these interests from the intellectuals and reproduce them the exact same way. He never overcomes neither justify himself for what he does. He is so much prolonged and happy with what he contributes and never bother to think beyond what can the other side of the analysis be. But still this person too leads a win-win strategy. Its easy to identify these people since the competition that's prevailing around makes them to easily drain off from the odd. These self-made personalities are often dependent on others for their inputs which in turn keeps their profile low and confidence too. Self-made are mirrors in my views who doesn't dare to cross the boundaries which laid in-front of them.

Talking about self-sustained individuals it's again tougher explain and harder to understand. These individuals are the same as above(self-made) but anchor themselves in a much different way. These individuals often try to hold the same phenomenon in absorbing things but produce a different outcome, often these resources are sourced themselves as Sales, Administration, VP's and Management subsidies. It's not that all the top management people represent this bunch of folks, but they are over the time molded from a self-made to a self-sustained individual. Since organizations only welcome people who do things differently in favoring to what the Organization actually expects.

So there of you who are reading my blog, it's easy to make out to which theory you belong?

Good luck all. Happy reading