Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Being an Analyst on different Domains !

Work had never been this same, since working at a small organization only help's you gain and retain a lot of spunk and exploration you needed, I seeded into IT industry as an ERP consultant working as a Technical member for the company that no more exists, this blog is the one I am updating from saving my skin's Company that exists in Ascendas IT park, one of loveliest  places to work around Chennai, this is just because we have a huge crowd coming in the IT park as Anonymous visitors to it's Food Court's with a valid Food Pass and the next big thing is it's closer to NIFT and IIT backyard.

Ever Since I took up this profile I always wonder to stick to smaller companies just because I learn a lot, explore on possibilities that keep me blotting in this IT field, mix up my work with the Administration, Management, HR and lots more on which I am sure I would have not get this comfortable working for the Big Names.

Still framing up my  profile  was a miserable task I was struck with, though my Designation was a System Analyst I carried the much oblige Business Tasks ahead not just because I had no interests in the Coding just because projects in my company were limited and I can only fit into the jigs and jaws of the puzzle in here.

Stranded from the ERP domain to BI to CRM to SharePoint consultant I had briefed up every bit's and corners of all these domains with my own interests. Keeping up and profiling with different technological domains is like a being nailed yourself  to hard wood where you need to hit hard and hard for the nail to firm hold it's position. Hope I am half way into this phenomena. Very generous to convey that I was a true opportunity exploiter rather than an opportunity grabber the latter is to wait for one. 

Not being too technical helps you only from being not called as a the Developer, where until 2000 the world was thinking Developer are the people who eat Briyani everyday(Local Phrase) but when IT grew it overtook this Idiom and showed there are so many bits to fit yourself into IT. All the beginners and the mid 3+ should realise that there is so much you can do to this enthralling world of IT by not just sitting and coding out there but to contribute in much a lot of ways. Thank myself for not being a Victim of my own narrations!.   

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