Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Keeping the Day Amazing

Getting up. Letting yourself regain who you are. Making your way up for the day. Every human being on this earth has to go by this law/ Cycle. Now how this day gets amazing? Is it the Inner harmony, Surrounding's, People, materialization or Is there some thing hidden deep that have not explored within you?

I am not a philosophical mentor or a Psychological Guru, this post what I am scripting is only with the experiences I have dwelt with, apologize for my grammar.

Living with the feel of positive energy can regain your mental and physical health in a lot better of ways. As described energy has it's own law in the Universe i.e., Law of energy can be either transformed from one form to another but cannot be destroyed keeping this as my by law I inscribe this bog and hope it reached millions who are still pondering with thought's that keep's them from performing, drowning attitude and most above a failure character. Always keep in mind your thoughts too are a big realm of energy that keep's you moving. So first practice positive thoughts, Keep your thoughts +Ve positive enough to battle every negative spark you get in mind, try to alter every Negative thoughts in a positive manner, by this way you always keep your mind  blooming wonderful things, because one good thoughts provoke a good ambience from inside out. Make sure you put all your wishlist, watch-list, try-list in a positive feel of energy that you will own them, feel them or what ever that emotion/pleasure be. Be in track to watch all your bag of need's come to you in the positive way even if something turn the other way around try to look at it and address it in a more positive manner.So this is my first recipe of having an Amazing day.

My second Recipe is to lead and live life with the bag of need's utmost. Though it take days, month or years together to achieve your task in the bag, seed the proper ingredients right from the hour of your desire because life is not made as a package, its all of bit's and scrambles you got to pick the right, find the right and  fix the right finally you get your golden egg either basket full or the way you seeded it :-). I know I cannot extend my theory of myself in a much broader way but here it is simple and humble

My third ingredient would be God & Work. I am tagging  the omnipotent with hard work because work is God, I not a matter expert to discuss in-depth. For all the above there is something below beneath and besides. Keep your God with you thank and praise him for all his miracles and blessing.    

One.Think Positive
Two.Live with all the Positive that you seeded for your desire.
Three.God & Work

Now read the first Line that start's my blog keeping the above said that should make your day Amazing!

There are so many author's & novelist who has scripted book on living life the positive way, if you really find it interesting you can catch hold of them at your book stores near by.       

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