Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Art of Acceptance

As mentioned by the philosopher's life doesn't come as a package, it's we who have to fix arrange and settle the perfect pieces. There is nothing left unsettled in life for anyone, it's only their thought that keep them from ACCEPTING it. Keeping things simple, if a person accepts what he is, what he is capable of, what are his personal/professional or physical boundaries he will see the most HAPPIEST wonders of life, this is very most close to satisfaction, passable and self satisfaction. When you accept things as it comes you will never feel the REJECTION part which shades the negativity that once again keeps with the positive flow to acquire happiness.

Acceptance has it's various forms, accepting things from heart, mind , leisurely  and most above just for the sake. All put on a bag gives you the ability and confidence to move ahead rather than struck in the loop and dilemma. 

Not every one accepts things right at the first move since this is an Art, this can only be mastered by time and experience. When you are a pro in Acceptance you can never see failure in life. It help's you overcoming situations, hurdles, loop holes, tragic decision making situations.

Moving ahead with Acceptance should always keep your confidence higher and  it should never downfall your inner strength, I want to stress this Acceptance more clearly Make a note Acceptance is not forgiveness or Sacrifice it is the Virtual/Physical Medium of Mind setting yourself,

So this is my short reality of how I practice Acceptance in life, If you find it helpful you too can go ahead! 

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