Monday, November 19, 2012

Business Analyst Task NOV192012

Getting on Board!
It’s getting curious day-to-day binding with the title as a Business Analyst. You know that how the possibilities are for a BA and either the limitations, it’s definite task of a BA to decide upon the boundaries of the software that can actually be delivered to customers besides their requirements. Yes, despite all the various brain storming sessions to the stake holder meetings it’s always the BA who actually has to resonate and pipes the project to existence. It’s a lime light show where actually the essence of a BA is felt. Today was a complete different day at office, as earlier I was discussing upon the naïve BI tool, I am going to take the total ownership and represent the BA role for the upcoming version of the BI tool.
As getting on board I was to finalize the complete documentation along brain storming and conceptualization hand in hand with the architecture board. Software requirements and methodologies are ever changing as ever growing, I was looking over the internet to get the update on the available strategies for software re-engineering, since our naïve BI was on version upgrade. I realized that the Software validation tools, testing tools along the V-Shaped SDLC would be the best suit to proceed with the development and other modules. This is because we had a lot of varieties of bugs in all our previous releases and at the client implementations too. The V model along with retrace ability matrix testing would help us get a full pledged output bringing down the bug history to an extent.
Okay I have downloaded few SRS and FRD’s to jet start the project update you often on the tasks I am hooking with, and good luck to me.

See you guys!

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