Thursday, November 15, 2012

Business Analyst Task Code: BATNOV162012

I got an opportunity to explore one of my company’s native products which is a Business Intelligence tool. Since I am already familiar with few of BI tools such as Qlikview, Tibco Spotfire, MS CRM Dashboard, I took this chance to explore the in-depth of the naïve tool that my organization is developing. I have no outstanding or out of curiosity words to describe it but rather it’s another BI which had its own methodology in analyzing the data loaded into it.
I noticed that the tool didn’t have a setup wizard for the first time users and navigation was quiet scattered. Eventually I had no clue to where to begin or get started with the tool. I somehow managed to perform operations since I was there in company now and then absorbing the development team’s activities. Well security was so mannerly placed, scopes for each of the roles were easy to define and mapping users to modules were also done using the simple check box. This gave me the similar thought that this security module had been morphed from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Well going forward data management was either not so much complicated but it’s tough for a layman to understand the productivity of the data management.  As of you all know that data management plays a vital role in forming the entire BI reports or dashboard I found the data management module pretty easy or telling it clean it was “fun”.  Moving from there I landed in the cockpit where I need to familiarize all the terminologies for each different modules and some haw managed to build all modules only keeping in assumptions that I would find a wonderful dashboard in the end of all these activities. Absolutely as said I found the dashboard come magnificently, but users still need to analyze or repeatedly need to come back in order to familiarize with the functions.
Data insights are yet another mind crowded functionality of any BI, and yes this naïve BI tool I was working had beautifully drafted me into the core data analysis, it by itself finds the relationship between scattered data and maps it by showing a clean understanding of the data and the aftermath.
Here we go, this is another opportunity I grabbed in-order to horn my BA skills. Beside I also worked into different mathematical and statistical functions.
My review to conclude is that, this tool requires a lot of attention towards the UI, interactivity between the user and the product, Help modules and Wizards to help users understand the outcome of their data.  

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