Saturday, November 17, 2012

Business Analyst Task BATNOV172012

How would you prefer to do an analysis over the sales people? I had a short of data, not even piled up for over a year period. This was indeed tough for me to get over since forecasting was definitely an indefinite solution for now. I had to google over the net to find the relation or the actual formulae to get a clear shot in-order to proceed ahead with the forecasting. To my luck there were some handfuls depicts to sort the problem out. First and foremost I had to find the sales team and later sales rep, following region, brand and all other stuffs associated to the forecast, after getting all the relevant data that has meet the prerequisite I had to work with the formulae, though sales forecast often relies on the forgoing events rather than present data I on my own worked on few constants depicting the picture of the future and applied it to the Total Sales Amount by .05, .08 and .15 variances. Let’s say if Total Sales Amount for the fiscal year is resulting at $400000 and Net profit of $35000 I am looking at the Total Sales Amount as a predictable event and applying it to my constants
(i)                 Sales forecast @ 0.05 %
=(((400000*0.05)/100)*100) + Total Sales Amount
(ii)               Sales forecast @ 0.08%
=(((400000*0.08)/100)*100) + Total Sales Amount

(iii)             Sales forecast @ 0.15%
=(((400000*0.15)/100)*100) + Total Sales Amount

Over the above case I would consider the constants as a dynamic value which is dependable upon the client to choose their forecasting based on the previous trends. This forecasting is only a blind analysis I tried to perform over the naïve BI tool I was exploring with. There are lot more features that need to be unlocked using the daily day-to-day mathematical and statistical methods to make this BI tool and outstanding one in the market.
Keep you guys updated on the forefront development on the BI I am exploring with. Good bye for now.
Waiting suggestions. Bye 

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